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By August 13, 2012 No Comments

StevensVIRGIN is a skilled Vancouver-based litigation boutique handling insurance defense, business litigation, and personal injury cases. This is a unique firm — a small, creative, friendly, and highly diverse litigation boutique. StevensVirgin_We needed a message to use in all of their marketing materials, e.g. website, ads, conference banners, etc.

They like helping people, going up against the big companies and against the big law firms on behalf of the little guy, helping real people who need strong support. They’re smart, stylish, approachable, modest, and compassionate.

We wanted the campaign to build their visibility and brand, to create significant awareness and show that they’re among the best business litigation firms in Vancouver.  With a smaller budget, we needed to create impact quickly and efficiently.

We built the message off of the lead partner’s memorable name, “Virgin.”  The point was, it’s not like people haven’t noticed Mark’s name.  We wanted some drama, a strong look, but wanted to convey that this is a serious firm doing serious work.

Playing off his unique name was the fastest way to generate name recognition, to grab people’s attention, so we could convey the serious litigation work they do, but we needed a serious look with strong visuals that conveyed a professional image. High-end photography and strong design subliminally helped convey the quality of the legal skills.

One definition of Virgin is “inexperienced.”  We turned that upside, suggesting that in this context, “Virgin” means experienced.  

The goal was to build big buzz around the firm’s unique name, develop significant visibility and awareness within the local legal community, then tone it down to ensure receptivity within the broader community.

We planned an aggressive, creative launch timed with a national Canadian legal conference with a trade show booth with Virgin-themed mugs as giveaways.  The Virgin booth was the talk of the entire conference; the firm received countless positive comments about the campaign. Further, the firm distributed hundreds of Virgin mugs and was asked to send Virgin mugs across Canada.

It was a huge success, exceeding our launch expectations.  Everyone loved it, internally and externally.  It thoroughly captured the firm’s creative approach and high-quality legal skills.

Shortly after, having achieved the firm’s awareness goals ahead of schedule, the firm changed to a more traditional theme to appeal to the masses.