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Sterne Kessler IP

By February 15, 2012 No Comments


Increase the name recognition for a high-quality intellectual property law firm specializing in writing, obtaining, and litigating patents.


Every day people invent things. Sometimes they are crazy inventors in their garages, other times they are the research department for big innovative tech-heavy companies, like Motorola.  To protect the inventions from being copied by a competitor they need a patent, and writing a patent is extremely complicated and requires significant legal and scientific expertise.

Sterne Kessler is one of the few remaining true intellectual property boutiques, a 100-lawyer patent and IP firm, that’s all they do.  They specialize in preparing and prosecuting challenging, complicated, bet-the-company patents.

They’re the nation’s top “prep and pros” firm; they are the best at writing “bullet-proof”’ patents.  It’s the firm’s long history, they’re focused deeply on it and pride themselves on their care and creativity in Biotech/Chemical, Electrical, and Mechanical, as well as sub-practices in unique areas like nanotechnology, “Clean Tech” (“green” products and processes, environmental issues, etc.), stem cells and others.

Working closely with Tammy Mangan, the firm’s outstanding Marketing Director, we wanted a strong visual look to use in print ads, plus a tag line.  We all liked the alliterative “How Potent is Your Patent?”