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Sandberg’s Guarantee

By January 14, 2012 No Comments

A powerhouse St Louis litigation firm, Sandberg Phoenix had a terrific reputation and loyal clients which consistently rated it an “A+” in client surveys, far exceeding the industry average.  It had been offering clients a service guarantee for nearly 25 years, but hadn’t marketed that message beyond its own clients.

We decided to showcase the unique service guarantee, using it as the hook to position the firm as the answer for prospects who were dissatisfied with their existing firm’s level of service, communication, and responsiveness.

We launched an integrated campaign built around metaphors conveying how unusual it is for a law firm to guarantee its service, e.g. money growing on trees, lightning striking twice, pigs flying, and the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series (the St Louis Cardinals are the Cubs’ historic rivals).

The campaign included a new logo and stationery, print ads, direct mail, giveaways, and a new website.

Shortly after launch, the campaign built significant local visibility, and generated a steady stream of new clients.