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Rumberger Tough Litigators

By June 15, 2012 No Comments

Rumberger Kirk & Caldwell

Rumberger Kirk & Caldwell is one of the nation’s top litigation boutiques.  They defend some of the toughest insurance lawsuits — products liability, mass tort, coverage disputes, etc.  And when push comes to shove, they push back, hard. 

Friendly and collegial, they are nonetheless known for their hard-nosed trial skills, they take tough cases straight to the jury, with an enviable trial record.   In an era of settle-at-any-cost litigation, we wanted to showcase their courtroom skills, which they have found leads to better settlements for their clients.

This campaign focused on their tough approach to winning, with a slight exaggeration… drinking hot sauce, eat nails for breakfast, shaving with a hunting knife, and brushing their teeth with a wire brush.

We redesigned their logo to emphasize their memorable street name, “Rumberger,” and designed ads, a brochure, and a website.