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Norman Hanson DeTroy

By February 27, 2012 No Comments

Norman Hanson is a highly skilled Portland, Maine-based litigation firm.  Formerly known as an insurance-oriented firm, we wanted to develop an aggressive, creative, business- and litigationoriented message and marketing campaign, including tag line, ad campaign, and website, to help the market see the full range of their legal skills.

We need to expand their reputation, to keep the insurance work but broaden it to show that it included business-oriented matters as well.  We’re taking their significant trial/litigation experience in the insurance industry (as well as the lean, efficient working style) and applying it to a business context.

They also wanted to show that they also handle business transactions, e.g. buying and selling significant assets like buildings and businesses.


The firm had been known as a high-quality insurance-oriented law firm that had been diversifying into new types of litigation and business transactions.  To expand our reputation, we acknowledged that practice, but show that that is just one of our many skilled practice areas.  Insurance is just one of the firm’s three major sections, albeit perhaps the best-known one.

What are we saying to them?

That we are dynamic, creative business lawyers and trial lawyers.  That we skillfully represent savvy middle-market and large businesses in sophisticated litigation and transactional matters (just as well as the other top business law firms).

At Norman Hanson, we get to the point, we work efficiently.  We cut through the clutter of the legal system and get the job done.  Litigation can be a morass.  Corporate deals can take too long, but we move them along.  We’re lean and mean; we don’t waste client time or resources.

NHD lawyers look for the quick way out.  In litigation, they do the early evaluation that helps build a creative winning strategy.  They’d rather earn less on a case they resolve early and know that it builds long-term loyalty. They’re hard-working, blue-collar, roll-up-your-sleeves lawyers, and our historic insurance-industry work informs everything they do.

Interestingly, a surprising number of the firm, both men and women, were high-level athletes; many still compete, in everything from basketball to mushing. Practicing in an outdoor-oriented community, the sports metaphor seemed like a strong visual direction.