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Lettuce Lawyers

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Lettuce Lawyers

Noland Hamerly Etienne & Hoss, PC is a full-service firm in central California’s Salinas Valley.  Following our assisting the lawyers in its firm retreat and training program, we were asked to help market its services.  After extensive internal interviews, we determined that the best opportunity would be to dominate the local area’s significant agriculture industry. NH Noland lettuce logo logo New FINAL rgb 300 dpi cropped

We focused the majority of the marketing efforts on the agriculture campaign, which we alliteratively named “The Lettuce Lawyers.”  The multi-faceted program included an aggressive advertising and publicity campaign, sprout-tipped agriculture-oriented logo, web site, seed-packet business cards, USPS stamps and logo’d bib overalls.

The Lettuce Law program received Small Firm Business magazine’s 2006 Best Practices award for the nation’s best marketing campaign.  This industry practice only covered half the firm, so we also developed a campaign and website for the firm’s full-service practice.

“Together we grow with California Agriculture.” Lettuce Noland Grapes vineyard

“We are the leading agricultural law firm in the Salinas Valley and Monterey County, at the heart of California’s Central Coast region. Our attorneys work in close partnership with growers and shippers, vineyard owners and managers, processors, wineries and ranchers, helping them bring their products to the rest of the world.

Our commitment to our clients is strong and fundamental: “Together We Grow.SM” The agricultural-law capabilities we have grown, and the deep client relationships we have established within the industry, are your assurance that we will use our full resources to help your business grow and succeed.

“If produce is your business, we are your law firm. Together we grow.SM”

You da man.  Your work was spectacular, we can’t thank you enough.  I’d be calling you every day if I called every time we got positive comments from clients and contacts about the ads or web sites for the campaigns.
– Terry O’Connor, Marketing partner, Noland Hamerly, Salinas, CA

Lettuce Noland forklift boxes

Lettuce Noland Horses Rodeo