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Mesirov Gelman

By March 13, 2012 No Comments

Mesirov Gelman

Before its merger into Schnader, 100-lawyer Mesirov Gelman had developed a strong, creative reputation and its recruiting efforts used the tag line “Not just another cookie cutter law firm.”

The firm had found residual benefit among its sophisticated client base, and they wanted a plan developed to market the initiative to its clients. Leveraging our firm-wide branding and marketing training, the creative marketing director Pamela McCarthy sought a visually interesting advertising campaign to leverage this “cookie” theme.

“Ross did a fabulous job of guiding our firm through the branding process.  He was able to elicit great “buy in” from our attorneys, thereby greatly expediting the process.  His presentation on branding turned a firm of skeptics into believers.  He has the unique ability to take a firm through the branding process, from buy-in to implementation.  He was amazing!
Pamela McCarthy, Marketing Director, Klehr Harrison