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Mayer Brown recruiting

By June 9, 2012 No Comments

Mayer Brown, one of the world’s largest firms, also has a uniquely entrepreneurial culture for its size.  They not only recruit the best students from the top law schools, they wisely look particularly for those who fit their dynamic culture.  Not every law-review student will fit their culture, so they screen carefully for personality as well as academics, to increase the young lawyers’ likelihood of long-term success at the firm.

This advertising and marketing campaign, including targeted brochure, was designed to tell the story of the firm from the perspective of the successful associates.  The more the law students understand what type of person will thrive in the MB environment, the greater the chance that students who match be interested in signing up to interview on campus — and also that the “wrong” lawyers, however smart they may be, won’t waste a valuable interview slot.