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Lewis King

By May 29, 2012 No Comments

Lewis King

Don’t Fight. Win. 

A tough, experienced insurance-oriented litigation firm, Tennessee’s 100-lawyer Lewis King wanted to grow its high-dollar commercial litigation practice.  Their litigators have significant trial experience in class action, products liability, and other complex litigation cases.

Working closely with managing partner (now judge) Deborah Stevens, we used their efficiency, value, and extraordinary trial skills to help diversify the firm into traditional business litigators.  It included the theme, visuals, tag line, print ads, brochure, and other materials.

The marketing campaign uses a slightly humorous approach to identify their differentiation — “Seriously Tough Lawyers.” The tag line “Experience. The Difference.” is a twist on the common “Experience the Difference” phrase, turning “Experience” from a verb into a noun, thereby focusing the reader on the lawyers’ remarkable trial experience.


“Most lawyers see a courtroom at least once a week.

“Unfortunately, it’s every Wednesday at 9 EST/8 CST.”


We also developed a variation that was clever, but obviously too inappropriate to actually use:

“Just how dedicated is our team of attorneys? 

Call our ex-wives and ask….”