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Lawyers Assoc. Worldwide

By February 15, 2012 No Comments

Lawyers Associated Worldwide (LAW)

A marketing campaign for an international network of 110 law firms, including intra-network marketing materials.

LAW Lawyers Associated Worldwide Unexpected Lawyers SpiceLed by an exceptional Executive Director, Hallie Mann, LAW is one of the world’s leading international networks.  LAW consists of over 110 small and mid-sized firms worldwide.  We spoke at their conferences in Philadelphia, Istanbul, and Rio de Janeiro.

We also developed marketing materials for internal use, as well as creating print ads, posters, and brochures that we could tailor for member firms’ own use.  They use creative visuals to suggest that “You can find some of the best lawyers in the most unexpected places.”

“Ross Fishman presentations have proven international relevance. Our global members found his straightforward, albeit humorous approach to effective website marketing to be very informative. The members gained practical tools to implement changes to their websites that will enable them to reach their desired audience. Ross is a delight to work with. I find his articles and blogs focused on current issues facing law firms today.  I highly recommend Ross as a speaker and advisor.”

– Hallie Mann, Executive Director, Lawyers Associated Worldwide

LAW Lawyers Associated Worldwide Unexpected Lawyers buildings