Laner Muchin

By May 24, 2012

Laner Muchin

Laner Muchin is a 40-lawyer labor and employment firm, one of the country’s finest boutiques. In addition to providing high-quality legal skills, they are likely the world’s most-responsive law firm, returning all client calls within two hours, even faster in emergencies. 

In an exhaustive series of intake interviews, we identified this critical service attribute and used it as the centerpiece of the firm’s marketing.

Together with the firm’s training arm, we conducted firm-wide responsiveness programs, and the firm purchased costly new technology to ensure they could meet this rigorous service commitment.

Working closely with Marketing Partner Joe Yastrow, one of the nation’s top employment lawyers, we created creating supporting collateral materials including revising the firm’s logo to include a stylized clock, a firm brochure, Two-Hour brochure, website, and public relations campaign to build buzz.

We created the “Laner Muchin Challenge,” which throws down the gauntlet, daring prospects to see how their existing lawyers’ responsiveness compares to ours:

“If you’re currently represented by a different employment law firm, you can experience the Laner Muchin difference. Take the Laner Muchin Challenge:

“Call your current lawyer and leave a message to return your call. Wait an hour or two (to give your lawyer a decent head start), then call one of our lawyers and leave the same message. See who calls you back first; we’re betting it’ll be us. If it’s not, we’ll buy you lunch and donate $100 to your favorite charity.”

We mailed foot-tall, hand-blown, hour-long hourglasses directly to prospects to encourage them to take the Challenge, also keeping our message and contact information on their desks year-round. The mailing achieved a direct-response rate exceeding 50%. The campaign received the Legal Marketing Association’s grand prize in 2006, the optional Best of Show award.