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Laner: Workplace Intell.

By May 24, 2012 No Comments

Laner Muchin

Laner Muchin, one of the nation’s top labor & employment boutiques has “Workplace Intelligence.”  That is:

Workplace – whether it’s the in board room or on the shop floor

Intelligence – not just “smart,” it’s a lot more.  They’re not just great technical lawyers, they make it a point to learn their clients’ businesses and industries.  They offer deep knowledge and insight and the legal profession’s most-responsive client service (every call returned within 2 hours).

Laner Muchin lawyers are labor and employment experts who offer uniquely contextual solutions that fit within their clients’ business goals.  Not simply high-quality technicians, they spend the time necessary to learn their clients’ businesses and industries, and craft tailored solutions.

They described this internally as four behaviors:

1. Start by being a workplace expert.   That is, we understand the nuances of labor and employment law as well as the legal and business trends regarding the state of the economy and the general workplace.

We also gain an intimate understanding of this client’s workplace

2. Connect with the client.  More than just the two-hour phone response:

We do whatever we can to connect with our clients.

We demonstrate to the client our laser focus on them and their needs

We don’t multi-task, i.e. we don’t checking emails while talking to clients on the phone (hear us typing?) or answer cell phones during meetings.

3. Think business, not just the law. 

We’re more than just technical experts, we take the time to learn everything about our clients’ businesses so we can make better decisions for them

We are proactive, solution-oriented

We discover what VALUE means to the client. Is winning a lawsuit worth it? What other organizational issues surround it? Is it worth fighting, or should we settle?

4. Make it happen.

See it through to the very end.  Make sure it gets done, e.g., can I fire this person?  “Yes, here’s why.”

“Also, is there any additional help I can provide?”

Offer great client service. We still offer the legal profession’s only two-hour phone response guarantee.  Most other firms try to call back within 24 hours.