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Int’l Lawyers Network (ILN)

By February 27, 2012 No Comments

International Lawyers Network (ILN)

ILN is one of the world’s largest and finest international law firm networks, with over 5,000 lawyers from nearly 100 law firms in 70 countries. Like all networks, they need to regularly remind the member firms’ less-active lawyers of their membership, to generate additional intra-network referrals. But we know that lawyers are busy, they’re unlikely to read a newsletter or other traditional method of conveying this type of information. ILN_HiRes_ChineseHat_Mirror2

Their outstanding Director of Network Development, Lindsay Griffiths, wanted a creative campaign that would grab the members’ attention without requiring a significant investment of their time. We needed something impactful, memorable, and cost-effective.

We developed a series of light-tack stickers that could be applied to the firms’ bathroom mirrors. There were hats representing different countries, like cowboy hats for the United States. Anyone standing at the sink would feel like they were wearing the hat and reinforce the international message.

A second sticker, below the various hats said: “Imagine you need a lawyer in [COUNTRY].”

Similarly, we had life-sized stickers of people from all over the world who, when affixed to the mirrors, would seem to be standing at the next sink. The headline: “International Lawyers Network. We’re always with you.”

Finally, we had 7-foot stickers of doorways that seemed to open to various parts of the world which.  These could be stuck temporarily to the law firms’ walls. TEXT: “You belong to the International Lawyers Network. Welcome to the world.”

Extremely powerful.

The campaign won an LMA “Best of Show.” One judge said “We should all agree to move this one to Best of Show before continuing the rest of the judging.” It was a unanimous vote.

ILN Bathroom mirror stickers Geisha COLOR FIXED