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Huron Consulting

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Huron Consulting

Positioning, Launch Strategy, and Direct Mail Campaign


We were positioning a brand-new business, the largest national spin-off of Arthur Andersen, a 250-member group of top business consultants, and their peers at other [then-] Big 5 accounting firms.


In light of Arthur Andersen’s mid-2002 turmoil, we had just a few weeks to develop a positioning strategy, tag line, and kick-off mailing for this new leading-edge firm.

The goal was to detail Huron Consulting’s sophisticated services to its Fortune 500 C-level clients, General Counsel, business leaders, and related targets, and let everyone know this former-Andersen consulting group had hit the ground running and was open for business.


The new firm was moving ahead aggressively, and needed a solution that could be designed, printed, and mailed quickly and inexpensively.


In light of the ongoing travails at Arthur Andersen, they were being forced to organize the firm quickly, and the culture and message was evolving just as rapidly. Therefore, we offered a range of initial options.

We helped develop the initial positioning strategy, then designed the introductory launch direct mailer, tag line, and print advertisement.

The launch tag line was “We’re On It.”  The goal was to help support the narrative that, regardless of the turmoil behind them at Andersen, Huron’s national consultants were up to speed and ready to handle the clients’ business challenges.

Problem/Solution Print Ad

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Launch Direct Mailer

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