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Huddleston Bolen

By June 17, 2012 No Comments

Huddleston Bolen

The oldest and largest firm in Huntington, WV, Huddleston Bolen is a highly skilled full-service firm with remarkably loyal clients, with relationships formed just after the Civil War.

Working with the firm’s dynamic Executive Director, Colonel Jeffrey Furbank, we rebranded the firm, updated its logo and identity, and developed a campaign that highlighted the firm’s local history, practice-area and industry expertise, and regional coverage.

The tag line “Where You Need Us.” focused on their history and state-wide coverage.HB Huddleston FIELD FINAL ad

“West Virginia in the mid-1800s had pioneers, wagon trains, and rugged mountain vistas. It had a handful of lawyers, seeking to support the businesses that were starting to tame the rugged terrain.

In their own way, these advocates were helping build the territory — much as their mine-blasting, railroad-building counterparts shaped the new landscape around them.

“Eustace Gibson was one of those lawyers, an energetic young man who acted as legal counsel for the founder of the city of Huntington. Imagine him as an ambitious, dedicated lawyer, dreaming of hanging his shingle in the name of justice and equity, becoming a prominent member of the community. His story marks the beginning of Huddleston, Bolen.

“The groundbreaking and state-building we’ve left to our rugged ancestors, but not the tradition of excellent lawyering. We aren’t hewing forests, but we are smoothing your path through a full range of business challenges from litigation through tax compliance.

“If there is anything we share with our pioneer forebears, it is vigor, grit, and determination to reach our goals, and to help clients reach theirs.”