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Fed. of Regulatory Counsel

By February 15, 2012 No Comments

The Federation of Regulatory Counsel (FORC)


  1. To build brand recognition for a 150-attorney association of leading lawyers from different law firms who specialize in insurance-regulatory law, both to generate new members and new business from the insurance industry.
  2. We want to build a platform to help make “FORC” (pronounced “force”) into the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval for insurance-regulatory lawyers.

Who are we talking to?

The insurance industry – primarily

  1. the lawyers inside insurance companies
  2. the state and federal governments’ insurance regulators and commissioners


This is a combined social, networking, and referral organization for the best lawyers who specialized in insurance-regulatory law. FORC members know the people who make the decisions, many are specialists who came out of the state government insurance departments, and have worked alongside them before leaving government to go into private practice.  They know the industry from the inside.

FORC members are from the full range of firms, from solos to individual lawyers from 1000-lawyer firms, but they’re all experts.

If you don’t know how to find a great insurance-regulatory lawyer, look for a FORC member – they’re prequalified as skilled specialists. You can always trust a FORC member.  If they’re “in FORC,” they’re highly skilled, pre-qualified, outstanding insurance-regulatory lawyers.  Every FORC lawyer has been carefully screened by industry experts to be a leader in their local insurance community.  Their client service is a sincere focus, and they must meet rigorous technical, legal, and service standards.

Our campaign included a new logo, tag line, visuals, and print ads.  It picked up the strength of the “FORC” acronym and the protection they offer, represented as a shield, or badge, an honor to have received.

The ad copy explains the message:

“It’s not easy to earn a FORC shield. It takes years of experience in insurance regulatory law. Recommendations from many insurance industry leaders. A rigorous vetting by insurance industry experts.  If you are looking for the high standards and expertise of a FORC lawyer, just go to and search our member directory.”