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Flaster/Greenberg is an entrepreneurial 70-lawyer regional firm with offices in NY, NJ, and Eastern PA.  They have a traditional full-service business practice, and compete effectively against similarly sized and large well-known firms.

The firm contacted Fishman Marketing to update their website. They’d previously hired a web-development firm that produced a technologically sound website that lacked branding or differentiation.  Sure, the home page pictures were animated, but visual gimmicks missed the opportunity to tell the firm’s unique story.

The new marketing director, Anne Matlack, saw an opportunity to upgrade the website and marketing and asked Fishman Marketing to create a new look and feel for the website.

Flaster is a firm for lawyers who are entrepreneurial, have their own decent book of business and love to practice law.  We developed a marketing initiative targeting the local legal community for lateral hiring.


We’re the most fair, transparent, merit-based firm in the legal profession.  Join a firm where partners are treated like partners.

We’re efficient, well run, with great leadership, and a great place to work. 

If you fit our personality and skill model, you’ll be happier practicing law than you ever thought possible.  You’ll make more money, have complete autonomy, work with outstanding lawyers, and in a terrific environment.