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Criminal Defense Law

By June 18, 2012 No Comments

“Pick the wrong lawyer and you might have a long time to think about your mistake.

“Make the right call, right now, and you won’t live to regret it later.”

Stop walking fingers in their tracks.

Eager readers browse the Yellow Pages with open wallets, ready to purchase. And your costly ad sits sandwiched among your competitors, each ad looking alike. There’s no second-best ad; only the best ad gets the call.  Surveys show, with comparable services, buyers select the one advertised best. Is yours the best ad? It can be. Our job at Red Jackal Ads ( is to ensure that you get the business.

Put your money where your ad is.

When every ad shrieks, they become a blur. But if you speak thoughtfully and use strong design for impact, you can get their attention — and their calls. Red Jackal ads work because they are completely different from the others on the nearby pages. And they are tested and re-tested to ensure their effectiveness. To create a powerful impression upon the readers, each ad will be licensed to just one firm per city.

Don’t outspend the competition, outsmart ’em.