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Balch’s Lawyers

By April 8, 2012 No Comments

Balch & Bingham had many times more lawyers selected for a particular “Top Lawyers”-type publication than any other local firm, and the firm had committed to buying an ad in support. But Director of Client Services Nora Chandler didn’t want to do the self-congratulatory type of ad that the other firms were likely to do — a group shot of lawyers and a three-word, three-sentence alliterative headline like “Experienced. Excellent. Expertise.” or “Smart. Skilled. Savvy.”

So Nora called us asking for something entirely different. Something that would stand out, show their firm’s friendly personality, and also include the info about the lawyers who had been selected. The bulldog-with-cigar image is the version Nora selected.

The headline:

“What? You’d rather see another picture of a bunch of lawyers in suits?”

Obviously, it stood out, even with an inexpensive Royalty-Free photo.

And what did you see when you turned the page?  Yup, a group of lawyers in suits…