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Balch – Office Ads

By April 8, 2012 No Comments

Balch & Bingham is the largest and best-known law firm in Birmingham, Alabama. It was expanding across the southeast, merging with smaller firms in cities like Montgomery, Jackson, Gulfport, and Atlanta.  Leading firms in their own markets, they had already established their local reputations as among their area’s top firms.  The firm’s outstanding Director of Client Services, Nora Chandler, recognized that it would help the newer or smaller offices if the firm had greater name recognition in those markets, like it had in Birmingham.

Further, each local office was led one or more lawyers who were equally renowned in their city or state.   The strategy was to enhance Balch’s local reputation by leveraging the existing visibility and quality perception of those individual lawyers, and connect their reputation to Balch’s.

This successful campaign showcases these leaders in the context of their industry or practice area.