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Create a new brand and website for a 40-lawyer Chicago-based national insurance-litigation firm.


WWM is at the high end of the insurance-litigation industry, handling mostly coverage, reinsurance, and sophisticated defense and mass-tort cases nationwide. They defend leading insurers in cases involving significant disasters like hurricane-related losses, fires, hailstorms, floods, etc. They also handle big-dollar disability policies, and sophisticated national issues like FACTA (Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act) and TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991) claims, subrogation claims, and D&O (Directors and Officers) policies that can easily be worth tens of millions of dollars.


Print Design
Web Design


WordPress Website Features

  • Integrated marketing campaigns using parallax scrolling
  • Custom responsive design for Mobile/Tablets
  • Fishman Marketing’s Advanced Legal Platform
  • Expandable toggles on desktop and mobile to compact content into a smalller space
  • Fullscreen Attorney Bios
  • Advanced Searchable Attorney Database
  • Advanced Category Display on News & Events


WWM also defends big class action or “mass-tort” losses like asbestos, toxic shock, or pollution cases, e.g. if a chemical or oil spill damages an entire neighborhood. The Walker Wilcox lawyers have a hard-earned reputation as smart, hard-working, and efficient. For example, in one case, they were opposite a 1,000-lawyer firm charging $950/hour. Right up front, the WWM lawyers estimated the total potential damages to be worth around $2 million. The big law firm spent that much in legal fees alone, trying to out-muscle and overwhelm the firm with paper. The WWM lawyers kept the big firm at bay, showed the judge how the big firm lawyers were wrong, and they paid the firm around $2 million. Just as we’d planned and predicted.

Marketing mostly to insurance industry executives, we wanted the brand to convey that the Walker Wilcox lawyers are smart, tough, efficient insurance lawyers, handling coverage disputes, big-ticket litigation, and subrogation cases. They’re nimble, national, and can handle large, complex cases without the big-firm overhead or rate pressures. Although they’re a smaller firm, they handle large complex cases, up to $100 million and more, offering creative solutions to tough insurance problems.

They’re known by their clients to be fair, open, candid, no-BS lawyers. It’s not unusual for a WWM lawyer to tell the client “You don’t need me on this file. Here’s why.” Or “This one’s not going to hit you, let’s not spend much on the defense.” Clients say that they’re honest straight shooters who tell them the truth.


Their logo was getting a bit tired, with the giant interlocking initials, and didn’t reflect their Street Name. Although Paul Matousek is an outstanding trial lawyer, everyone short-hands the firm name to simply “Walker Wilcox.”