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Novak Law Offices is a global law firm led by Neal Novak, one of the industry’s leading insurance coverage and reinsurance lawyers.

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As a small firm, Novak Law Offices represent clients more efficiently and cost-effectively than the larger insurance-oriented firms.  They target sophisticated insurance executives in the US and London, where much of the world’s insurance industry is focused. A terrific lawyer, Neal has an irreverent sense of humor, which his clients appreciate in tough situations.

We wanted a clear way to convey this brand message with Neal’s sense of humor, including attention-grabbing visuals, and a tag line that would help summarize their distinctiveness in face-to-face marketing situations.

Image of Novak Law Offices ad design
Image of Novak Law Offices ad design
Image of Novak Law Offices ad design

In addition to the typical issues, they have handled some extremely unusual cases.  We used these stories to showcase the variety and sophistication of their work:

  • A driver in a serious car wreck who bought insurance after the accident, then filed a claim.
  • Somali pirates who captured a ship, but the insurance company wouldn’t release the ransom until after the pirates signed the official insurance form.
  • A 39-year-old major league pitcher who had surgery to fix his throwing arm, then filed a claim alleging the surgery was the problem, not his advanced age.
  • And many more.

Crazy claims brilliantly handled by a savvy insurance lawyer. The easy-to-navigate, SEO-enhanced WordPress website is built around brief video animations illustrating each story.