New Law Firm Marketing, Ethics, and CLE Presentations

Training can turn your lawyers into high-powered rainmakers.

A former commercial litigator and marketing partner, Ross speaks credibly to lawyer, CPA, and marketer audiences.  In sessions ranging from one hour to a full day, he provides a practical, hands-on approach, ensuring that your firm's marketing is productive and effective, and that your lawyers will have clients when they need them.Ross Fishman, CLE Ethics presentation in Rome

These proven, no-risk, interactive programs are educational yet entertaining, fully supporting the efforts of a firm’s marketing committee and in-house professionals.  Ross also emphasizes the applicable ethics rules relating to communications, solicitation, advertising, and promotions, to help the programs qualify for CLE credit.

Ross's evaluations from tough lawyer audiences average over 4.75 out of 5.0.  You may read dozens of effusive reviews and testimonials here, to better understand his style and skill with audiences.

All presentations are individually tailored to each firm's unique needs, and may include one-on-one or small-group follow-up as necessary.

Some Hot Topics:

Top tips in integrated law firm marketing

In this tough economy, it’s not a question of which marketing tool works best.  Success isn’t dependent solely upon the eye-catching design of your website or advertising, or whether you choose blogs, billboards, brochures, or branding.

The secret of success today is knowing how to blend them all together to achieve specific, measurable revenue goals.Ross Fishman, JD, Fishman Marketing, attorney, GREAT speaker presenter testimonial review

This fun, and fast-paced session will walk you through a simple, clear methodology that ensures the successful creation and implementation of powerful marketing campaigns, business-development strategies, and branding initiatives.

Through this rigorous approach, digital/online and social-marketing strategies are tightly integrated with traditional marketing and PR to achieve specific business objectives.

"Funny, insightful, brutally honest. The best presentation I’ve ever seen."
Mark Beese, fmr Chief Marketing Officer, Holland & Hart, Denver

The hottest trends in websites and digital marketing

What’s more important on your website, the marketing or the technology?

Finally, here’s how all the pieces fit together. Online marketing is today’s hottest topic, but few seem to know what it all means, or how to balance the many different components.Ross Fishman, JD, Fishman Marketing, Speaking at LCA re marketing ethics, CLE

Can websites really persuade prospects to hire your firm or eliminate it from consideration? Do full-service firms need Facebook pages? Can your lawyers ethically receive LinkedIn “recommendations” or list “skills and expertise”?

Should full-service firms care whether they rank highly in Google searches? Can you legally bid on your competitors’ names on Google? In this fascinating and fast-paced presentation, Ross discusses these topics and more, from SEO and “content marketing” to cutting-edge eye-tracking research.

Built off of actual law firm case studies worldwide and the latest b2c and b2b research, Ross will identify which components are necessary, and how to use the latest marketing tools and techniques. How can law firms use the multivariate testing technology developed for president Obama’s 2008 campaign to continuously improve your website and online marketing?

"Ross covered in four hours what it took me 40 years to learn."
Gordon Pugh Sr., Breazeale Sachse & Wilson, Baton Rouge

Boutique marketingGreat  2

Target and industry marketing is among the most efficient and effective approaches to business development. Focusing like a laser yields faster results than a scattershot approach. Becoming known as a niche specialist is arguably the fastest route to client-development success. From the Bug Lawyers to the Beer Lawyer, for attorneys committed to client development, this simple, practical, entertaining and results-oriented program will show them exactly how to do it efficiently from the approach to closing the deal.

Social Marketing: Be your own brand

After all, lawyers invented Social Marketing -- that is, creating and nurturing close personal relationships.

Social platforms are simply tools to accelerate and extend your reach. However new rules of engagement apply, and when well understood and executed will yield impressive and sustainable results.  Before becoming social you must first become user-friendly, and we will give you the Top 10 do’s and don’ts. Social marketing is not about having a Facebook page; it is about managing your own brand.

If you are confused about social strategies, this fun and fast-paced presentation will show you how best to develop and execute a successful social marketing program

“…hire Ross Fishman to handle your marketing training.  If you’re not entirely satisfied, send me the bill”
– Bill Flannery, The WJF Institute

Strategic differentiation: Creating a unique message for your firm and website 

It all flows from the message.  What's your unique strategy?  How will you stand out from the crowd?  Your website is your 24/7 face to the world, your most-important marketing tool but too many firms proclaim the same basic messages - Quality, Results, Excellence, or Service.  These limp platitudes are then illustrated by the obvious clichés -- globes, columns, gavels, skylines, and "smiling lawyers."Ross Fishman, Fishman Marketing, lawyer, terrific job speaker presenter testimonial review

To succeed in today's tough economy, you must do better.  In one fun, fast-paced and visually stunning hour, attendees will learn how to develop their own unique strategy, blasting through dozens of differentiated messages and real-life examples of the best (and worst) law firm ads and websites, including a detailed case study.  You will leave energized, educated and entertained, with a better understanding of how to differentiate your firm or practice.  This program is appropriate for marketing-oriented lawyers too.   A perfect program for senior administrators and lawyers.

"The best and most useful presentation of the 3-day conference."
Amy Smith, fmr Marketing Director, ThompsonMcMullan, Richmond, VA

Expanding Your Strategic Driver Practices: How two firms nailed strategy & online marketing

Every firm has practices that offer real leadership opportunities. They're dynamic and well led, or in a growing market segment. In larger firms, an industry group or specialty area can be spread across a range of offices and practices, impeding cross-selling.Ross Fishman, JD lawyer, speaking on Marketing and Ethics (MCLE) at Litigation Counsel of America (LCA)

Two top firms figured out a solution.

This presentation showcases the effective efforts of a large and small firm in targeting a practice and industry group for market dominance.  Drinker Biddle sought growth in Health Care, although their lawyers were spread across 14 practices and 11 offices.

This initiative helped them work together and cross-sell, founded upon powerful stories, microsite, and team retreat.

"Amazing. Turned skeptics into believers. Elicited great partner buy in."
Pamela McCarthy, Marketing Director, Klehr Harrison, Philadelphia

LinkedIn for Lawyers 

By now, most lawyers have a LinkedIn profile.  But most aren't using them especially effectively.  This presentation helps them understand why LinkedIn is an important tool for every professional today, and shows the simple steps they can do themselves improve their profile.  They will learn how to quickly get to 500+ Connections, embed the strategic keywords that help them rank higher in the most-important searches relevant to their practices, and generally convey a more professional, high-quality impression.  This presentation may qualify for CLE credit in most states.

Marketing an International Law or CPA Firm Network 

Ross speaks worldwide to international law, accounting, and professional-services networks.  This popular, fun presentation details how to generate more referrals within the networks, and teaches individual firms how to increase the chance that they'll receive them.  The presentation was organized into four sections.

There are actually four different tactics to (1) create more referral opportunities, and also (2) increase the chance that you’ll receive them once they’re available.Ross Fishman speaking to STEP Miami conference, lawyer, society of trust and estates practitioners

These strategies include marketing:

(1) Yourself within the network

(2) Your firm within the network

(3) The network within your firm

(4) The network to your clients

They involve building awareness of yourself and your firm, and connecting both to a particular geography, so that you become synonymous with that jurisdiction.

“First-rate, thorough and entertaining.  I left with specific, concrete steps.  A perfect ’10.’”
Mark Carta, Managing Partner, Carta, McAlister & Moore.  Darien, CT

Every firm gets the marketing it deserves

A firm that doesn’t believe Marketing generates revenue gets marketing that doesn’t. They hire less-skilled marketers, under-fund their efforts, and red-pen the effectiveness out of any potentially powerful tools or strategies.

Firms that believe Marketing can make them lots of money, gets marketing that does. They invest in their firms’ future and dominate their target markets.  They grow faster than their competitors, and thrive during recessionary economies.  They attract better people, make more money, and have more fun.

Additional hot topics:

  • Social Media for Lawyers. Everything you need to know to build a practice -- from LinkedIn and Twitter, to blogs and SEO.
  • Marketing and Business-Development Best Practices. Ross Fishman, Fishman Marketing, 5 out of 5, lawyer speaker presenter testimonial review
  • Marketing in a Recession.  It's Time to Dominate!
  • Go From "Zero" to "Guru" in Three Months.

"Entertaining and enlightening.  Simply outstanding."
Lisa K. Jannsen, Wisconsin Association of Accounting Marketing

SEO and social media

  • The Cold, Hard Truth Re SEO and Social Media. No hype. No BS. What works for professionals
  • The Lawyer’s Guide to Social Media Tools.  An up-to-date overview of the latest tools, traps, and techniques.
  • Integrated Marketing. How to build a practice online using an integrated mix of powerful tools, from blogs to branding, and SEO to social media.
  • Strategic SEO.  How lawyers and firms can use search-engine optimization to dominate their markets.

CLE and ethicsGreat  12

  • "From Hammers to Hand Grenades" – Creative Marketing and Legal Ethics.
  • Focused Marketing: An Efficient, Ethical Approach to Business Development.
  • Topless Marketing: An entertaining 300-year history of law firm marketing.

Strategy, differentiation and branding

  • Focused Marketing - the Shortest Path to Market Dominance 
  • Niche / Industry Marketing: An Efficient, Practical, Effective Process.
  • Website 101:  How to develop an effective, results-oriented website.
  • "We're Different! So Why Does No One Know It?"  Developing a Killer Strategy.
  • Jumping on the Differentiation Brandwagon – Positioning Your Firm, Practice, or Office.
  • From Strategy to Swag: Marketing Your Message and the Challenge of Tchotchkes

Creativity and innovation

  • Ross Fishman, Fishman Marketing, Best Moderator speaker presenter testimonial review Creating and Selling Innovation to Lawyers.
  • Outside-the-Box Marketing Ideas.


  • How to Work a Room and Live to Profit From it – Ethical Networking.  100 simple, practical tips to make networking less threatening and more effective.
  • No Network? No Clients.  How introverts can build a practice - without glad-handing.
  • Net/Working a Room, with Live Practice.

Public relations and advertising Ross Fishman, Fishman Marketing, Great Job speaker presenter testimonial review

  • "Get Exposed by the Media, And Benefit From It - Using Public Relations to Ethically Build Your Firm."
  • Advertise Online and in Print.  The pros, cons, and new rules.
  • PR for PI Firms.  Powerful public relations can build a personal injury reputation quickly. Here’s how.
  • How to Create Powerful, Ethical Advertising (Without Skylines, Gavels, Globes, or Columns…).
  • Public Relations for Litigators.  How to handle your own PR

Client-oriented programs

  • "He Said What?" - A Candid, Interactive Client Roundtable.
  • "Worst-Case Scenario" - This is Not Your Typical Legal Seminar.

Marketing plans

  • Developing an Effective Individual Marketing Plan.
  • "No one's leaving 'til it's done!"  Writing an Associate Marketing Plan.

Client service and retention Ross Fishman, Fishman Marketing, awesome speaker presenter testimonial review

  • "I'll never hire them again!" - Client Service and Site Visits.
  • Secrets of Client Retention and Maximizing Profits.

Associate training

  • Step-by-Step Marketing for Associates.
  • Marketing Overview or "Everything You've Always Wanted to Know about Ethical Marketing, But Were Too Bored to Ask."
  • Painfully Practical Associate Training.
  • Getting your Associates Ready to Market and Generate Business

Specific types of firms

How to market:Ross Fishman speaking law firm marketing training and accounting firm retreats

  • An International Network
  • An Insurance Practice
  • A Specialty Practice
  • A Divorce Practice
  • A Litigation Practice

Cross selling

  • Secrets of Successful Cross-Selling.  It Can Work.  No, Really.
  • Key-Client Program.  Retaining Your Top Clients.

Speciality programs

  • Recruiting is Just Marketing – To a Different Audience.
  • "If you give a mouse a cookie…."  Compensation Issues for Law Firms.
  • "The Art of War for Lawyers." What a 2,500-Year-Old Chinese General Can Teach You About Marketing
  • "Oh, those darn kids!Generational Issues in Law and Professional-Services Firms.
  • How to Organize a Great Firm Retreat.

Ross Fishman, JD, Fishman Marketing, Speaking on "The Future of the Legal Profession and Ethics" to the "Legal Marketing Association" at LMA annual conference