As the globe shrinks, law firms continue to grow, in size and reach. Not too long ago, only Baker McKenzie could legitimately call itself an international law firm. Today, following years of mergers and acquisitions, there are literally dozens of truly global firms. The world of law firms has changed.

And it’s not just the law firms.  The firms followed their clients into new markets, as companies crossed borders and needed consistent legal advice and firm names they could trust.  But these companies aren’t just represented by the mega-firms.

Skilled small and mid-sized firms represent companies with international interests, spawning an industry of international law firm networks.  They offer many varieties and specialties.  Some, like Lex Mundi, are collections of larger firms.  Others, like Meritas or International Lawyers Network (ILN), are more middle-market.  There are small, high-quality firms like Lawyers Associated Worldwide (LAW), litigation-oriented groups like ALFA, and combinations of law and accounting, like MSI Global.

Now, clients looking for rigorously vetted law firms in far-flung cities or countries can find close personal referrals directly from their hometown law firms.  Fishman Marketing has a unique specialty representing these groups, as well as law firms on five continents.

Ross has trained thousands of lawyers from over 100 different countries on five continents in the latest marketing techniques. Fishman Marketing has developed differentiated strategies, advertising, and other collateral materials for many international networks as well as their member firms from Reykjavik to Rio de Janeiro.

Our unique social media and search engine optimization (SEO) experience is very useful here, as foreign firms seek referrals from the US, UK, or other markets.

The world may be shrinking, but the demand for high-quality marketing continues to grow.