Website design

Your website is your 24/7 face to the world.  It’s the first place prospects go for more information after receiving your business card.  It’s what sets the tone for you, your firm, and your practice, when you can’t do it yourself.

It should help you stand out.  And you can’t stand out if you do the same thing as everyone else, if your website has a skyline or column, or a globe, handshake, building, light bulb, chess piece, or any other of the overused icons of our industry.  “Smiling lawyers on the home page” isn’t differentiating - your competitors have them too.

A website overhaul is one of the few opportunities a law firm has to climb out above the competition.  It can be the hook to develop market dominance - a powerful winning strategy.  Savvy firms don’t squander this rare opportunity by settling for a website that's just a prettier or more feature-rich implementation of an ineffectual strategy.

Shouldn’t you seek greatness for yourself and your firm?  Your website should tell all visitors what to expect when working with you, what sets your firm apart and makes your practice special.  It should help them see why they need to hire you, instead of the high-quality firm down the street.

Today, basic website technology isn’t really the differentiator.  Compared to consumer products, law firms have relatively unsophisticated web technology needs -- not that they weren't difficult originally (when we did our first web site around 1995, we had to code it from scratch), but the solutions have been developed countless times for tens of thousands of firms already.

How many prospects have gone to a law firm web site and thought -- "Wow!  I'm hiring this firm -- all their links work!"  Today, the question of whether a web site "works" is not one of technology, it's one of strategy, differentiation and message.  Don’t spend your money on the Technology, spend it on the Marketing.

If it's truly going to “work,” it has to be different, it must stand out in a positive way. You need a message that’s worth reading, one that helps you get hired.  That's the whole point, isn't it?  A web site is just one more potentially effective tool, like a blog or brochure, social media or seminar.

Clients are incredibly busy; they're not going to pay the slightest attention to you unless you grab them and shake them, and clichés don’t do that.  Not in advertising.  Not in brochures.  Not in web sites.  No exceptions.

If you’re looking for a website that works - that helps create the platform for your marketing and drive revenue in the door, call Fishman Marketing.