Segal McCambridge

A mid-sized firm of renowned class-action lawyers, Segal McCambridge defends significant, national cases, like asbestos and latex gloves. The cases involve complex issues of facts, law, science, and biology, spread among hundreds or thousands of cases across dozens of jurisdictions.

To win, they have learned to simplify this vast, complicated material into a simple, compelling story to tell to the average juror. The campaign pokes gentle fun at certain jurors, showing the difficulty of their task.

“Segal McCambridge lawyers are experts at distilling complex legal cases into simple, compelling stories that lay jurors can understand and act upon. SMSM lawyers try, and win, bet-the-company cases by studying the intricacies of each case, finding a solution that is effective and simple to understand and compelling to jurors and judge.”

This multifaceted campaign included three central figures, which we picked up in ads, a brochure, logo, and website.  The simple tag line encapsulates their differentiation in five words: “We make the complex simple.”

The insurance company audience liked the materials so much, many of them requested additional copies of the brochure for their bulletin boards, and voluntarily circulated them around the companies.


“This juror thinks good ‘punctuation’ means never being late.

“And it’s our job to help him understand the different mutagenic, microbiological and carcinogenic capabilities of chrysotile, crocidolite and other asbestiform inosillicates.”


“This juror describes his sense of humor as ‘rye.’

“And it’s our job to help him comprehend the gravity of molecular toxicity confluence synergism.”


This juror thinks “Myriad” was a girl from her fourth-grade class.

“And it’s our job to help her understand the epidemiological distinctions between mild tricuspid valvular regurgitation, endothelialized foreign matter, and bacterial endocarditis.”