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Figliulo & Silverman is one of Chicago’s finest trial firms, a powerhouse boutique with proven big-case trial skills.

When the other side sees that you’re being represented by Figliulo & Silverman, they understand that they have a battle on their hands. They know F&S lawyers aren’t scared to go to trial if that’s what it will take to do what’s right. This means F&S clients can muscle better settlements.


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Skilled trial lawyers can get you the money you deserve in settlement, and if you can’t get it by negotiation, mediation, or arbitration, F&S will get it at trial.

More specifically, they’re focused on the underlying strategy — on finding the one single message that will resonate with the jurors, and hammering that point until the jury hangs their hat on it, finding in the F&S clients’ favor.

The firm wasn’t as well known as it should have been based upon its strategic and trial skills, and wanted a marketing campaign and website to help showcase them as one of the Midwest’s top trial firms. The goal was to seek more of the referrals from big firms upon which they’d built their practice and reputation.

The lawyers outsmart, out-think, out-maneuver, and out-negotiate their opponents to get our clients what they need to resolve the dispute. They’re the total package — a few years ago the handled two of the nation’s 100 largest trials.