Redesign of logo
Animated movie with olive integrated with YouTube.

Our goal was to develop an aggressive, dynamic, finance-oriented brand message, tag line, and advertising campaign for a Florida law firm historically known as a public finance firm.

The firm sought to build a public-sector legal services reputation outside of Florida, to build national name recognition in the public finance community with more creative marketing materials.

They wanted to inform the legal and business communities that a firm historically known as a public finance firm was an equally legitimate option for other government- and finance-related legal services. The message needed to be broad enough to also help them market their expanding litigation capabilities and other practice areas.


Web Design



BMO is recognized in Florida for their quality legal services in highly specialized and technical areas in legal matters related to public finance, government and complex structured transactions.

They are a highly specialized firms representing governments of all types (e.g. state, county, city) in a specific type of legal work.  One of the Southeast’s top Bond Counsel and Disclosure Counsel firms, they’re a national leader in legal matters related to public finance, both state and local government.  They also work in related government fields, including energy and utility, affordable housing, and structured and project finance.

They also had outstanding, but less-well-known government-related litigation and transactions practices. This campaign was designed to leverage the well-known Southeast public finance reputation into other geographic markets and practice areas that relate to the firm’s core government and finance work.

With a limited budget, the eye-catching Olive cost-effectively reinforces their firm name, while the contextual background explains the firm’s practice areas and industries.