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Known as “Brunini,” the firm needed a bolder new brand and website, to compete for Jackson, Mississippi business with the new regional and national competition. We wanted to leverage its stellar reputation and long local history, which is important in Jackson.

The robust, responsive WordPress website has all the latest features today’s law firms require, and the home page opens with an animation of rotating air conditioning fan for visual interest.


Web Design


WordPress Website Features

  • Integrated Marketing Campaigns
  • Responsive Design for Mobile/Tablets
  • Fishman Marketing’s Legal Platform
  • Searchable Attorney Database by Practice Area, Name and Keyword
  • News Features
  • Enhanced Attorney Profiles and Practice areas that dynamically load in features such as related news, speaking engagements and related practices.
  • Mega Menus
  • Integrated video backgrounds
Image of Brunini's web site before design Image of Brunini's web site after design


The legal profession is quickly consolidating.  In an industry that recently was full of mid-sized 25-50-lawyer firms, most are gone, merged into larger firms looking to become regional or national.

Ten years ago there were a dozen mid-sized Jackson law firms. Since then, nearly all have been acquired by large firms that were expanding their footprint across the Southeast. Today, Brunini, Grantham, Grower & Hewes, PLLC is celebrating its 125th anniversary as one of the only two remaining stand-alone Mississippi middle-market firms.

They’re possibly the oldest firm in the state, and we wanted to celebrate the firm’s history, while always looking forward. The firm is steeped in tradition, but not tied to it. Our tag line reflects this:

     “Mississippi’s Newest 125-Year-Old Law Firm.”

The brand platform is built around the firm’s long history, showing many of the important things that have been invented since then, like the filing cabinet, hearing aid, air conditioning, phone, x-rays, etc. In each, we connect the headline to a positive trait or practice area with a clever subhead.

Additional Examples Include

We’ve been around as long as the hearing aid.

     (But we listen to clients much better.)

We’ve been around as long as the egg carton.

     (But we’re much tougher to crack.)

We’ve been around as long as air conditioning.

     (But we are much cooler under pressure.)

We’ve been around as long as the mousetrap.

     (And we can help you build a better one.)

We’ve been around as long as the rotary phone.

     (And we’re always dialed into your needs.)

We’ve been around as long as the x-ray.

     (But we look deeper into your legal issues.)

Design ad for Brunini
Design ad for Brunini