Redesign of brand, including logo and collateral materials
Zooming of background provides depth and animation that makes the user feel they are going through doors.
Shutts & Bowen is a full-service 100-year-old law firm with 275 lawyers across 8 Florida offices. We developed a robust WordPress website that begins with a rotating series of video animations in which the viewer is pulled into the website as the doors swing open. That is, Shutts is Open for business.


Web Design


WordPress Website Features

  • Integrated Marketing Campaigns
  • Responsive Design for Mobile/Tablets
  • Fishman Marketing’s Legal Platform
  • Searchable Attorney Database by Practice Area, Name and Keyword
  • News Features and secondary blog integration
  • Enhanced Attorney Profiles and Practice areas that dynamically load related news, seminars and speaking engagements
  • Custom “brochure builder” backend allowing staff to create on-demand brochures by building pages pulling data and converting to PDF
  • Integrated video backgrounds
  • Collapsible menu
  • Print to PDF features


At Shutts & Bowen, the lawyers are independent and entrepreneurial, and so the firm had not invested historically in significant firm-wide marketing or brand building. For a firm of its size and quality, it had remarkably little name recognition.

Facing an increasingly competitive Florida legal marketplace, the firm’s younger lawyers were pushing for change. They wanted a reboot, a bold rebrand of the firm, from the message to the logo, website, and collateral materials to push the message to the marketplace.

The firm is deeply focused on being a Florida law firm, which is important because they receive a steady stream of inbound referrals from major law firms all across the country. They have avoided growing outside of Florida to ensure they remain a good option for firms that want to refer work to a Florida firm that won’t compete with them in other markets.

Shutts is the right law firm for all your Florida business needs. The have outstanding lawyers, comprehensive statewide coverage, efficient staffing, and a long history of helping build Florida. If it’s connected to Florida, Shutts can do it.

But they also have some leading international practices, working around the world in some niche industries. So they’re a curious mix of Florida and global, without being national. Our tag line, “Florida and the World,” was designed to capture this concept.

“Shutts” feels subconsciously like “shuts,” which is a closed, negative word. We looked at a variety of visual treatments to convey “Florida and the World” and finally settled on a name-based design leveraging the positive concept of opening a door for clients and prospects. Metaphorically, “Shutts” is “opening” the way to the future in various practices, industries, and locations.

An image showing a screenshot of the home page design for Shutts & Bowen
An image showing a screenshot of the home page design for Shutts & Bowen

The firm is “Opening doors to Florida and The World.”


Image showing a before and after of Shutts and Bowen's logos
The bold logo emphasizes “Shutts,” which is a fortuitously short, strong, and easy-to-spell name, reinforced by the domain name. When you have such a useful colloquial street name, you should probably use it.
Take a step back and see which logo you can read.