The best organizations offer education as a perk, a bonus to their top performers. Training isn’t detention, it’s what makes good people great, and great people even better. The leading professional-services firms regularly train their personnel, ensuring that their skills stay sharp, supplementing them with the latest cutting-edge strategies. But great content is as hard as great delivery, and it’s rare for someone to possess both a mastery of the substance as well as the ability to teach it to an audience as challenging as lawyers.

That’s where Ross Fishman thrives.

Lawyers are a challenging audience. Smart, savvy, and skeptical, they don't blindly trust experts or authorities who can’t prove their mettle. A former litigator and marketing partner, Ross has decades of full-time law firm marketing experience, and the ability to convey complex information within the lawyers’ uniquely focused communication style.

There are few things more embarrassing for a marketer or administrator than a disastrous training program or firm retreat. No one wants to face a flood of Monday-morning voicemails asking, "Who hired that guy to speak?" Such reactions mean that a golden opportunity to learn, bond, or have fun became a waste of time. Of course, nothing can energize a firm more than a great program. It can bring the firm and its lawyers together, teaching important new skills, and motivating everyone to take the next big step forward. And, since it's time spent away from the office and from home, it should actually be fun as well as functional, entertaining as well as educational.

Whether the issue is marketing or mission, service or strategy, will your speaker leave behind interesting, challenging ideas and the enthusiasm to accomplish them? These are difficult questions. And here's one very effective answer:

Call Ross Fishman

Ross Fishman has become one of the legal profession's most effective speakers at firm retreats and training classes. He has presented programs for over 250 firms and associations on five continents, from Boston to Bangkok. Whether providing a half-day program, or an intensive hour-long, CLE-approved presentation, firms around the world have given his programs some of the highest evaluations ever, speaking on topics including SEO and social media, websites and online marketing, networking and working a room, niche or practice group marketing, cross selling, creative differentiation, and many others.

Every program is individually tailored to the firm and circumstances. Not just entertaining, Ross tangibly helps firms achieve their strategic objectives. Managing Partners, Marketing Partners, Executive Directors and CMOs worldwide have called his programs “The best marketing programs I’ve ever seen.”

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