What do you have to learn?

We have found that a little training can turn more of your lawyers, CPAs, consultants, lobbyists, or other personnel into a motivated team of rainmakers. Having practiced as a litigator before going into marketing, Ross speaks credibly to this audience. In sessions ranging from one hour to a half day, he provides a practical, hands-on approach to a firm's attorneys or marketing team, ensuring that your professionals' marketing efforts are productive and effective, and that they will have clients when they'll need it.Ross Fishman speaking

These interactive programs are educational yet entertaining, while leveraging the talents of a firm’s in-house marketing professionals. All presentations are individually tailored to each firm's unique needs, and firms may choose to include personalized one-on-one or small-group follow-up as well.

Today, many of the most-popular marketing programs relate to social media and the Internet, like Online Marketing, or Social Media, for example "LinkedIn for Lawyers" or "Facebook Trends for CPAs."

Our favorite is "Telling Your Story Online," a practical and entertaining presentation which uses actual Google searches of many of the program's attendees' names to show what happens when a prospect Googles you. It provides simple, step-by-step instructions to show the attendees how they can quickly and painlessly improve their personal results without needing to hire a consultant.

"Content" and "Thought Leadership" are marketing's latest buzzwords, but most busy professionals don't have the time or inclination to blog, tweet, or post regularly.  Another especially popular presentation is "Turn a Speech into 100 Tweets," basically how to painlessly turn existing material, like a previous speech into 10 bylined articles, 20 blog posts, 100 tweets, etc. with almost no additional effort.


Ross Fishman, JD, keynoting the global STEP conference in Miami, re Networking Tips.  STEP is the Society of Trust and Estates PractitionersThe legal profession is changing fast and attorneys and law firms are very interested in presentations like "The Future of the Legal Profession," tying global or technology trends to how they will be practicing law in the next decade.

Margins are getting squeezed, so it's important to learn how to adapt to grow revenue and profits."Target or Niche Marketing" is a guaranteed winner, teaching lawyers how to quickly become a market leader in some specialty area or industry, which is the simplest and fastest way to generate measurable results.  This is a guaranteed crowd pleaser, often called "The best presentation I've ever seen."

And, of course, US lawyers like receiving CLE credit, particularly the coveted mandatory Ethics hours, whenever possible. Most of Ross's marketing-related programs can be redesigned to quality for Ethics credit if necessary.


Ross has spoken over 100 times to the Legal Marketing Association (LMA), Association of Accounting Marketing (AAM), and other marketing groups.  Today, marketers want to learn about digital marketing and trends like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), or whether law or accounting firms need a Facebook page or Twitter.

Websites are always popular topics, including "Hot Website Trends," or using your website to generate revenue. And, as the firms' internal trainers, marketers particularly value simple checklists and templates they can bring back to their firms to support their professionals.


Ross is one of the most-popular presenters at local and national Association of Legal Administrators (ALA) conferences.  A former member of ALA's National Conference Committee, Ross has spoken to dozens of ALA programs, averaging over a 4.75 out of a possible 10.0.  Ross evaluation Just JDs - 5 Lively and awesome

At small and mid-sized firms, administrators often have general responsibility for marketing, either handling the hands-on efforts, or directing or overseeing the work of others.  Helping develop their firms strategy or plans, executive directors or administrators therefore like seeing the big picture.  Popular programs discuss trends, hot topics, and new ideas, because they will need to answer their lawyers or CPAs questions about these areas.

At smaller firms, the administrators may have marketing-related titles or responsibilities, and so need to be able to handle or update the firms' websites, or marketing plans.  They like learning about branding and differentiation, and ways to stand out from the competition, including niche industries or specialty areas.  Ross's high-level programs are especially popular with the most-experienced COOs, CFOs, and Executive Directors, who need to identify strategic opportunities for their large or sophisticated firms.

Accountants/CPAsRoss Speaking at LAW in Philly 27 crop gesture

Accountants are particularly interested in the sales, or business development side of things, like "Business Development for CPAs," or programs teaching them how to use online tools to measurably generate more leads.

Of course, for all types of professionals, the historically proven techniques are still popular, like "Networking Tips and Techniques," "Personal Branding," or "Cross Selling." 

International Law and Accounting Firm Networks

Ross also speaks regularly to international networks of law firms, accounting firms, consultants, or other types of global or regional professional-services associations, affiliations, or networks.  Networks are particularly interested in finding ways to retain and grow their membership.

The most-popular speeches discuss how to market the network, either (1) directly to clients and prospects, or (2) deeper into each member firm, to increase the number of professionals sending referrals within the network. We also have fun programs detailing how the individual members can market themselves within the network, connecting themselves to a specific geography, i.e. "Argentina = Sofia."

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Ross Fishman keynoted the conference at Lawyers Associated Worldwide (LAW)