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Improve your Law School Recruiting — for just $3.00.


“Brand” your firm at your favorite law schools for just $3.00. Q: How can our firm improve our recruiting results with our target law students? A: Increase your firm’s visibility and name recognition on campus. The evidence is clear — law firms with strong name recognition achieve significantly better on-campus recruiting results, and later attract higher-quality lateral associates. Read more >>

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Best Mktg Partner Comment EVER. #2


Best Marketing Partner Comment Ever.  #2 We were working on re-branding a firm, soup to nuts, including a new logo, stationery, print advertising campaign, website, direct mail, etc. but the lawyers were having some difficulty agreeing on the final color. The Marketing Partner stood up at the partner meeting and said, with no sense of irony: “Well, Read more >>

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Announcing Ross Fishman’s New Law Firm Marketing and Branding book!


Announcing Ross Fishman’s New Law Firm Marketing and Branding book! “We’re smart. We’re old.  And we’re the best at everything.”  [The World’s First No-BS Guide to Legal Marketing and Branding.] Does it drive you crazy that big-firm lawyers can charge 30-50% more per hour than you?  You know you’re just as skilled, but the marketplace Read more >>

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Obituaries. Lawyers? THIS is how to handle the death of one of your people.


This is how to handle the death of an employee or lawyer. Obituaries are difficult. I think the true quality of a law or accounting firm can be judged by how it responds to the death of its people. A few years ago, there was a lot of media attention regarding the tragic death of a Read more >>

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White Castle Sliders and Law Firm Tag Lines.


White Castle Sliders and Law Firm Tag Lines. One of history’s most-common law firm tag lines is “Committed to Quality” or its general equivalent.  Committed to quality service, committed to quality representation, committed to high-quality legal this or that. I think we can all agree that if your law firm’s tag line is truly differentiating, Read more >>


Ross’s Top 10 Law Firm Domain Name Mistakes (Part II)


Ross’s Top 10 Law Firm Domain Name Mistakes (Part II) Last week I discussed Ross’s Domain Name Rules 1-5, how to ensure that your website is easy for prospects to find, and that you’re using best practices in selecting your domain name.  Here are Ross’s Rules 6-10; I hope it’s helpful. 6. Don’t use the ampersand. Baker Read more >>

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Top 10 Rules to Marketing a Merger or “Branch” office (Part II).


Top 10 Rules to Marketing a Law Firm Merger or an Existing “Branch” office (Part II). Last week we detailed five marketing and reputation challenges faced by smaller or newer “satellite” offices of prominent law firms. (BTW, accounting and all other professional-services firms confront these same issues.) We discussed the very real struggles newly merged firms Read more >>


Top 10 Rules to Marketing a Merger or “Branch” office (Part I).


Top 10 Rules to Marketing a New Law Firm Merger or Existing “Branch” Office (Part I). Imagine it’s fraternity rush and you’re a hot prospect. You’re smart, handsome, and athletic—you’re in demand and have received many solid offers. Which one will you accept? Most likely you’ll end up at the “best” fraternity―the one that seems Read more >>

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Q: Should law firms pay associates to market?


Q: Should our law firm pay our associates to market?   A: Uh… No. I answered this question on a listserv last week, posed by a legal marketer whose firm was revamping its bonus schedule. The bonus was intended to motivate associates to undertake certain identified activities, e.g. writing articles, giving speeches, attending events, taking prospects out, Read more >>

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Ross’s Top 10 Law Firm Domain Name Mistakes (Part I)


Ross’s Top 10 Law Firm Domain Name Mistakes (Part I) What’s Your Law Firm’s Domain Name? Back in the mid-90s, we were just starting to develop the first law firm websites.  As Marketing Partner of Ungaretti & Harris in the mid-1990s, I remember the early meetings in 1995 when we were trying to figure out Read more >>

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