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The MOST-Important Question to Ask Before Updating Your Website is…

The MOST-Important Question to Ask Before Updating Your Website is… I read a lengthy online discussion detailing dozens of interview questions to ask a potential website developer.  As expected, the questions focused on Design issues like font and layout, or Technical issues like platform and hosting, or current topics like social media or responsive design. Read more >>

Ross Fishman, CLE Ethics presentation in Rome

Marketing and Biz Dev Training for Litigators

Marketing and Biz Dev Training for Litigators A marketer asked whether litigators require unique marketing and client-development training. She’d been hearing from the litigators that they felt the nature of a litigation practice is somehow different, that it requires special techniques and training. They had a firm retreat approaching and wondered how to help them. I was a litigator Read more >>

Moffatt Thomas Logos round one

“It’s just a logo. How hard can it be?”

“C’mon, it’s just a logo. How hard can it be?” We haven’t heard it phrased exactly like that, but that’s the implication: “We designed our last logo all by ourselves in Word, and it looks just fine. Why should we pay to have you design it?” Why? Because an amateurish logo is your entire firm Read more >>

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Rebranding a Leading Litigation Association

Rebranding a Top Trial Lawyers Group The Litigation Counsel of America (LCA) is an invitation-only trial lawyer honorary society. It was established to reflect the new face of the American bar.  Membership is limited to 3,500 Fellows. The LCA offers its member great opportunities for education, professional development, networking, and referrals. Ross Fishman speaks twice a Read more >>

Hawley Troxell Sumo Tag Line

The 20 Best Tag Lines. Is your law firm “Committed to Mediocrity TM”?

The 20 Best Law Firm Tag Lines. Is your firm “Committed to Mediocrity ™”? Tag lines are hard – a few strategically selected words that encapsulate everything you stand for and want your target audience to know about you. It’s the slogan that tells your own people how to act, what makes them different, and Read more >>

Of Counsel ROSS FISHMAN Q&A Marketing Whiz article (Page One)

“Marketing Whiz Shows Law Firms How to Get Noticed and Generate Clients.”

Of Counsel’s Q&A with Ross Fishman “Marketing Whiz Shows Law Firms How to Get Noticed and Generate Clients.” Of Counsel: The Legal Practice and Management Report* has long been one of our favorite legal-industry publications. Its long-time editor, Steve Taylor, is one of the legal profession’s most-insightful reporters.  Steve has an expert’s grasp of the profession’s hottest trends Read more >>

If Clients Hire Lawyers, Why Market the Firm? Fishman Marketing © 2014

Q: If clients hire lawyers, why market The Firm?

Q: “If clients hire lawyers, why market The Firm?” We hear this a lot. It’s a completely understandable question. The short answer – It’s tough to get hired if your targets have never heard of your firm. If your prospects don’t know you, your firm, your reputation, skills, services, or clients, it’s going to be Read more >>

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The Best ACC Conference Giveaways. Part One.

The Best ACC Conference Giveaways. Part One. I was speaking at a Meritas conference a little while ago, which was timed to coincide with the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) annual conference.  We’d designed Meritas’s new booth, so we went to see it in action. Here’s the backdrop: I like to wander Exhibit Halls to Read more >>

Kathy Morris

Don’t miss our ABA marketing webinar on Friday at 12:00 CST

Sign up for this ABA webinar on Friday at 12:00 noon CST! Moderated by the terrific Kathy Morris, I’m co-presenting a marketing webinar with the verbally formidable Julie Eichorn.  Just 45 fast-paced minutes, we’re going to pack a lot of content into a very short amount of time. Click HERE to register. CareerAdvice Live! is a free monthly webinar series that Read more >>


BAD PRECEDENT: Lawyer censured for buying Google keywords for other law firms

 ABA Journal – “Lawyer censured for buying keywords for other lawyers and law firms.” I thoroughly disagree with this anti-competitive, anti-consumer censure. It’s bad precedent.  I was the defense’s law firm marketing/social media expert witness in Habush vs. Cannon & Dunphy on this very issue (although the lawsuit was filed under a Wisconsin state “invasion Read more >>

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