Holiday cards. Don’t sign them? Don’t send them.


Are You Sending a Generic Unsigned Holiday Card? I always get a year-end holiday card from my best friend, a terrific lawyer I’ve known for 40 years. We shared our first beer together. I refer him lots of business. The card, his 17th-consecutive snowy Chicago skyline, wishes me “Happy Holidays from [his law firm],” signed Read more >>


Great Website Design Isn’t Pretty. It’s Effective.


Great Website Design Isn’t Pretty. It’s Effective. What’s nice about eye-track testing is that it shows precisely what grabs your viewers’ attention, what they see, in what order, and how long they linger at each point. That’s incredibly powerful data. In important cases, trial lawyers don’t guess what’s going to work with the jury, they Read more >>

Client is a friend with a problem

A client is a friend with a problem.


What is a client…? One of the best definitions I’ve seen came from the website of Denver law firm Fairfield and Woods, quoting one of its long-time partners: “A client is a friend with a problem.” – Charles J. Beise, 1909-1983. This is something every associate should keep in mind while learning to practice law.   Read more >>


Rebranding After a Merger is Harder Than You Think


Rebranding After a Merger is Harder Than You Think In the freshly redesigned October 2016 issue of Chicago Lawyer, I wrote a Letter to the Editor that I hope management committees can benefit from, and marketers can use as ammunition with their marketing committees as they develop the merger-marketing budget (particularly if you’re the firm getting “bought”). Read more >>

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Best Marketing Committee comments EVER. #1


Best Marketing Committee comments EVER. #1 True Story: Many years ago, we were having some trouble getting a branding campaign and website executed for a small firm; the Marketing Partner’s busy trial schedule kept him from meeting deadlines. The project was stalling. I suggested that we might want to bring in some more help.  The Read more >>

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Awful law firm websites: The ‘Small-Firm Trifecta.’


Awful law firm websites: The “Small-Firm Trifecta.”  Nothing says “Small, mediocre law firm” like a website home page full of obvious stock photos and free clip art. And in my opinion, the worst of the worst are those that combine multiple clichés in a single photo.  The most popular of these photos for law firms is Read more >>


“How will prospects know I’m awesome if I don’t tell them?”


“How will prospects know I’m awesome if I don’t tell them?” Hi. It’s Ross. Let me tell you a few things about myself: I’m excellent. I have integrity. I’m responsive. I’m experienced. I’m technically knowledgeable. I’m legally effective. I’m a partner who understands your business. So? Did I persuade you? Do you want to hire me? Read more >>


Can Consultants be Trusted to Speak at Conferences?


Do Consultants Often “Sell from the Podium?” Tim Corcoran ably summarized the feelings of many consultants and professional speakers with a recent blog post which includes this excerpt: “Major conferences often have a bias for in-house professionals as presenters. “We must be protected from vendors trying to sell us something,” they say, thereby eliminating input and advice Read more >>

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Eight Law Firm Branding/Website Makeovers: 8 Before-and-Afters


Eight Law Firm Branding/Website Makeovers: 8 Before-and-Afters For most new law firm websites, I think the most-interesting question is how big an improvement is it over the previous one(s).  Is it just a polished-up 2016 version of the previous site?  Or is it a significant strategic overhaul as well? Did the website developer help facilitate a massive upgrade Read more >>

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The Top 25 Law Firm Website Clichés to Avoid. (2016 Update. PART 2.)


The Top 25 Law Firm Website Clichés to Avoid. (2016 Update. PART 2.) Part 1 is available here. 11.  [The Image:] Scales of justice (Similar scales are also used by drug dealers) [What it means:]  “Still just lawyers.” 12.  Dart boards (often showing three darts in the bullseye) “We’re on target.” (Or spent your youth in British Read more >>

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