Solutions by firm size

With increased consolidation, the definition of what constitutes a “small” or “large” firm continues to change. A 100-lawyer firm was “large” a decade ago is now considered “small,” and a 30-lawyer firm might be seen as a mega-firm in a small geographic market.

As middle-market firms merge, many lawyers choose to return to a smaller environment, growing the small firms, or spinning off new ones.  It’s a vibrant, dynamic marketplace.

Much of the best marketing is done by smaller, more-nimble firms that have smaller committees and fewer red-pen-wielding decision makers.  They are run by the entrepreneurial founders and may be imbued with their dynamic personalities.  Their older or more-established competitors are often more conservative, or feel less urgency.

Regardless, each firm deserves its own unique message, whatever is appropriate for their culture, market, and strategy.  Fishman Marketing has done exciting work for the much-overlooked start-ups and smaller firms, as well as for firms ranging up to 500 lawyers.

Small firms can’t be all things to all people, but they can be dynamic specialty boutiques or industry leaders.  For a small firm, it is imperative to be viewed as a high-end market-leading boutique.  Smaller firms have more to prove; they must do all the little things well.  Their marketing must be at least as good as their big-firm competitors, better, actually, because their credibility is always in question when competing against larger, more established firms.  Which simply means they need great marketing.

Big firms deserve great marketing too.  Their historic marketing has helped them attain this level of prominence, but they can’t rest on their laurels, they must be pushed to stay fresh and relevant.  They can’t seem “big” in a way that means bloated, costly, or inefficient, they must spin their message in a positive, client-oriented way, showcasing their skills, specialties, or value.

Fishman Marketing knows how to craft just the right message for firms of all sizes and descriptions, helping push their creative envelope without ripping it.