Niche marketing

Looking to jump-start your firm's marketing efforts?  Want to generate tangible results more quickly? A little focus leads to significant marketing results; it is among the fastest routes to client-development success. Since developing the landmark BugLaw campaign in 1997, Fishman Marketing has been the clear market leader in this type of focused marketing.

Lawyers and law firms tend to market themselves as a one-stop, all-you-need general service. How can a lawyer, looking out his or her office window at building after building filled with prospects, possibly market to them all?  For many lawyers, the very thought of marketing to such a large and amorphous audience is paralyzing.

Other attorneys will try to market themselves - they will write articles, give speeches, and present seminars at an unending series of groups and organizations.  Yet over time, when their marketing efforts fail to bring in clients, they understandably give up.

The problem is that they are directing their marketing at too large and varied a group. Attorneys cannot realistically or credibly market all things to all people, and a shotgun approach is too inefficient for busy professionals.  To be effective, lawyers need to narrow their marketing focus and find a unique market position, seeking to become a big legal fish in a small pond.

Lawyers and firms must determine how they can appear unique, how they can stand out from the clutter and become the “first” in an industry or a category.

Fishman Marketing has trained tens of thousands of lawyers in how to focus their marketing from narrow industries like timber or agriculture (e.g. The Lettuce Lawyers), to subspecialty practices.  From becoming the go-to lawyer for a small geographic area, to unusual areas like defending the police specifically in excessive-force Taser cases.  By focusing your marketing efforts on a specific trade association or industry group, you create synergy in your marketing efforts and begin accumulating the number of face-to-face contacts needed to establish relationships.  And an effective marketing campaign can quickly solidify your market position as the industry leader.