Social Marketing

Being social matters - lawyers invented Social Marketing.

Social platforms are simply tools to accelerate and extend your reach. However new rules of engagement apply, and when well understood and executed, they will yield impressive and sustainable results.

Social marketing is not about having a Facebook page, it is about engaging in conversations, offering value with a view to reaching new clients, ushering users through the process of acquiring services from you and reinforcing your brand.

Our team can help with the integration of social platforms to your mix of marketing and business development strategies to generate results and attain well defined objectives.

Our team can build out and manage the multiple social platforms you can leverage.

Online push strategies offer the widest choice of buzz-creating techniques, and remain the most-efficient vehicle to broadcast a message to your target audience(s) and increase conversion. They are the ideal brand-marketing tools to integrate into a multi-channel initiative for reaching, winning, and retaining loyal clients at the lowest-possible cost. They are also the quickest campaigns to implement.

Social-media marketing is an engagement with online communities to generate exposure, opportunity, and business.  Common social-media marketing tools include Twitter, Blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube. We will endeavor to promote your website through these and social-media platforms.

In light of the impressive quality content that you have generated we recommend that we aggressively undertake initiatives to repurpose it and generate new and relevant content.  The dissemination of this material would be accelerated by push strategies which will generate an important number of links, especially if done in a context of content sharing.  Such initiatives would include:


Adding blog functionality directly to the site would improve its performance. You are currently generating an abundant amount of content that could be disseminated through this channel.

Online Publishing of Articles

Reach a wider audience through the production and efficient distribution of your articles on the Web, electronic directories, and social platforms.

YouTube Channel

Effective video vignettes can also generate a sizable number of leads. You have all the material necessary to launch an online “how to” series.

Interactive PR

Beyond pushing out press releases, it is about engaging your community and interacting with them, intercepting stories brewing on a blog or in a group (e.g. on LinkedIn), and responding. It is answering questions on special-interest sites. It is bringing your stories to life under new media (chat, webinar, video…) and new platforms (social, mobile…) or temporary microsites or infographics.