Digital Marketing

Harnessing the full power and reach of the Internet
Law firms can also take full advantage of the reach and opportunities afforded by digital marketing strategies and social platforms.

Search engine optimization (SEO), paid placement and social marketing programs will generate handsome returns when integrated to the unique necessities of traditional law firm marketing and business development initiatives.

The reality is that if you’re not taking advantage of all that digital marketing has to offer, you’re not just losing money, you’re losing ground. Chances are your competitors are already staking their claim in the legal services categories that naturally attract substantial traffic from your target audience. You may be the leader in a given practice area or in a geo market, but if you are not present in the venues where prospective clients gravitate they will not buy from you.

Online search is now the primary source of information for businesses and consumers looking for legal services:  an overwhelming 94% use the Internet while making a decision, and they first turn to search engines to launch this process. Taking the lead and gaining more prominence in the categories you should dominate requires developing a variety of strategies and tactics.

With the sheer number of individuals and businesses using the Internet to find lawyers, it is vital that you actively promote your firm through efficient digital marketing strategies — to create new clients, extend your reach into new markets or fend off competition. But first you must be found.

Indeed you can be found in many different places:  search engines, directories, articles, social platforms. Each one of these touch-points become an opportunity to “convert” the visitor – namely bring them closer to taking the action you are hooping for (i.e. give you a call, become a client,…).