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Q: Should law firms pay associates to market?


Q: Should our law firm pay our associates to market?   A: Uh… No. I answered this question on a listserv last week, posed by a legal marketer whose firm was revamping its bonus schedule. The bonus was intended to motivate associates to undertake certain identified activities, e.g. writing articles, giving speeches, attending events, taking prospects out, Read more >>

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Free Sample of our “Ultimate Law Firm Associate’s Marketing Checklist” book.


Free Sample of our Most-Popular Marketing Checklist Attached below is a free sample of our “The Ultimate Law Firm Associate’s Marketing Checklist (The Renowned Step-By-Step, Year-By-Year Process For Lawyers Who Want To Develop Clients)” book. This 2016 edition is a significantly updated and expanded version of Ross Fishman’s popular 25-year-old checklist.  This new 50-page book includes narrative explanations, Read more >>


January 19 Marketing Presentation to the Hispanic Lawyers Assoc. of Illinois


I’m looking forward to addressing the HLAI (Hispanic Lawyers Association of Illinois). This marketing presentation will be for the HLAI and the HLAI Business-Development and Practice-Development Committees. I’ll be speaking on “50 Marketing Ideas in 50 Minutes,” on January 19, 2017 from 11:30 to 1:00 at the ISBA Mutual, 20 South Clark Street in Chicago. Read more >>

Client is a friend with a problem

A client is a friend with a problem.


What is a client…? One of the best definitions I’ve seen came from the website of Denver law firm Fairfield and Woods, quoting one of its long-time partners: “A client is a friend with a problem.” – Charles J. Beise, 1909-1983. This is something every associate should keep in mind while learning to practice law.   Read more >>


Can Consultants be Trusted to Speak at Conferences?


Do Consultants Often “Sell from the Podium?” Tim Corcoran ably summarized the feelings of many consultants and professional speakers with a recent blog post which includes this excerpt: “Major conferences often have a bias for in-house professionals as presenters. “We must be protected from vendors trying to sell us something,” they say, thereby eliminating input and advice Read more >>

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‘Our 15-Year-Old Firm has 275 Years of Experience’


“Our 15-year-old firm has 275 Years of Experience” Wait, what? Ohhhh, I get it — you are aggregating every single one of your lawyer’s total years of experience into a single figure. One question — So what? How does a combined number help provide better technical skills or service to clients?  I don’t care about that number — Read more >>

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New Retreat, CLE, and Marketing-Training Video


New Retreat, CLE, and Marketing-Training Video I’m delighted to (finally) have a demo video  (click here) showcasing my law firm keynote, firm retreat, and marketing-training presentations.  I’ve been filming most of my speeches lately because many in-house marketers, administrators, professional-development experts, and other conference organizers had begun asking to see some film of me in action before hiring Read more >>

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Free Sample of our NEW ‘Associate Marketing Checklist by Year of Practice’


Major Update to our Most-Popular Marketing Checklist We’re putting the final touches on a dramatically expanded version of our popular “Associate Marketing Checklist by Year of Practice.”  It includes narrative explanations, links to instructional videos, and new material covering social media activities like LinkedIn, Twitter, and other tools.  It will launch as a 50-page ebook. Testimonials Wanted: Read more >>

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CBA WEBINAR: Playing the Google Game – Marketing Yourself Online.


WEBINAR TODAY: Playing the Google Game – Marketing Yourself Online. FEB 4, Noon-12:45 p.m. What happens when someone Googles your name? Take a look to see how well your professional story is being told. Most often, your website bio and LinkedIn profile come up, but what’s left is not personalized or impressive enough to interest Read more >>

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Marketing an International Law Firm Network (1 of 3)


Marketing an International Law Firm Network (Part 1 of 3) As I’ve previously mentioned, I’m a big fan of international law and accounting firm networks. I’ve seen first-hand the value global networks and affiliations offer to their members, including generating both in-bound and out-bound referrals. But it doesn’t happen automatically; it takes work to maximize Read more >>

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