Bryant Miller Olive 2014 Holiday card THUMB

Connecting your law firm holiday card to your brand message.

Connecting your law firm holiday card to your brand message. I received a nice simple holiday card from an old client, Bryant Miller Olive, a top finance law firm and Florida’s market leader in public finance and bond work.  Back around 2006, they were moving into new geographic markets and needed to build name recognition and Read more >>

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Crazy Holiday Cards: Lawyers as Catwoman & Wonder Woman?

Unique Law Firm Holiday Cards: Lawyers as Superheroes and Ballerinas I blogged last week about the unique holiday card of the delightful ballet-attired ERISA lawyers at Oakland, California’s Springer & Roberts. I quickly received a Comment from Laura Mazza, a lawyer from Bain Mazza & Debski, who apparently knows Ms. Springer and Ms. Roberts, and Read more >>

Stein AIS Marketing Manatee Ad full page

AD: “Your CMO is stupid. So hire us.”

“Your CMO is stupid. So hire us.” OK, that’s not precisely verbatim, but that’s what this ad seems to be saying. Wow. Here’s an ad for a B2B marketing company that’s been running lately in Chief Executive magazine: How in the world can you develop a successful working relationship with the CMO and in-house marketers after Read more >>

Balch BEST Super Leading Cigar Bulldog

The Absolute Best “Super Lawyer” Ad Design

The Absolute Best “Super Lawyer” Ad Design A few years ago, Balch & Bingham had many of its attorneys selected for a particular “Best Lawyers”-type local publication, and the firm had bought an ad to support them.  But the firm’s terrific Marketing Director Nora Chandler didn’t want to do the typical self-congratulatory type of ad that all the other Read more >>

CAR magnetic sticker Prepaid Legal Business card 2

I’ve never seen business cards distributed like THIS before.

I’ve never seen business cards distributed like THIS before. I was walking through a large public parking lot recently when I passed by this car with a magnetic sign on the door selling Pre-Paid Legal Services. Mildly interesting from a marketing perspective, it was a nice little movable billboard, and possibly a way to get a nice Read more >>

Lincoln Twenty-Five Cents

Abe Lincoln’s 25-cent marketing speech

Abe Lincoln’s 25-cent marketing speech We’ve all seen the 1858-59 print advertisement where Abe Lincoln announced the formation of his new law firm, Lincoln & Herndon in Springfield, Illinois.   But did you know that Abe Lincoln also gave marketing and client-development speeches?  Here’s a newspaper announcement for his Springfield Library Association And he charged Read more >>

LCA Home page Ric Gass

Rebranding a Leading Litigation Association

Rebranding a Top Trial Lawyers Group The Litigation Counsel of America (LCA) is an invitation-only trial lawyer honorary society. It was established to reflect the new face of the American bar.  Membership is limited to 3,500 Fellows. The LCA offers its member great opportunities for education, professional development, networking, and referrals. Ross Fishman speaks twice a Read more >>

Hawley Troxell Sumo Tag Line

The 30 Best Law Firm Tag Lines. Ever. (Part 1 of 3)

The 30 Best Law Firm Tag Lines Ever. Is your firm “Committed to Mediocrity ™”? (Blog post 1 of 3) Tag lines are hard – a small handful of strategically selected words that encapsulate everything you stand for and want your target audience to know about you. It’s the slogan that tells your own people how Read more >>

If Clients Hire Lawyers, Why Market the Firm? Fishman Marketing © 2014

Q: If clients hire lawyers, why market The Firm?

Q: “If clients hire lawyers, why market The Firm?” We hear this a lot. It’s a completely understandable question. The short answer – It’s tough to get hired if your targets have never heard of your firm. If your prospects don’t know you, your firm, your reputation, skills, services, or clients, it’s going to be Read more >>


BAD PRECEDENT: Lawyer censured for buying Google keywords for other law firms

 ABA Journal – “Lawyer censured for buying keywords for other lawyers and law firms.” I thoroughly disagree with this anti-competitive, anti-consumer censure. It’s bad precedent.  I was the defense’s law firm marketing/social media expert witness in Habush vs. Cannon & Dunphy on this very issue (although the lawsuit was filed under a Wisconsin state “invasion Read more >>

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